Probably The Best Way to Bathe Your Dog That You’re Not Doing

It’s Time to Bathe Your Dog Again…Oh God!

Dog getting a bath but not enjoying it

it’s your day off of work, you’re sitting at home relaxing.  Your dog comes up to you…and the realization (or odor) hits you…you need to give him/her a bath.

Whether your pet is good about being bathed or not, there are number of things to keep in mind when doing so.  More and more people are using a hand held shower head to more easily clean their pet…

…Myself included.  I work full time and have a number of hobbies and don’t want a simple task to take longer than it should and be more difficult than it should.

Installing one like the Danco VersaSpray shower head (the one I have) is super easy, and instructions can be found by clicking here.  Attachable shower heads are typically very cheap and can be found on Amazon.

Before Using the Shower Head, Try These Tips!

  1. Shower Dog BathBefore bathing, brush your dog to get rid of as much shedded hair as possible. Access hair retains water for longer, which can be avoided by brushing.
  2.  Make sure the water isn’t too hot!  If it burns your skin, it will also burn your pets!
  3. Talk to your dog with a soothing voice throughout the bath to calm him/her down.
  4. Rinse thoroughly!  Soap caught up in your dogs fur can dry up leaving behind residue and drying skin.  Imagine if your entire body was covered in hair and how easy it would be to get dandruff…Well dogs can get dandruff too, and this irritates their skin.  Rinse at least a couple of times!
  5. After rinsing, if you are using a hair blower, use the cool or warm setting, not hot!  Just like hot water can hurt your pet’s skin,  so can hot air!
  6. Reward your dog when it’s over.  Your dog does not necessarily know that your are bathing him/her for its own benefit.  Giving them a treat or playing with them afterwards ensure to them that you were not just being an a**hole, and that you still care…

>>It’s so much easier to reach all of your pet’s hard to reach spots with a hand held shower.  Check out some reactions from people that got one>>

What Some People Said on Amazon

“I was looking for something very simple to make bathing my dog in the tub a little easier.
This is a very simple handheld shower that easily goes on an off my tub faucet.” – J. Smith

“Awesome. Fits nice and snug. A lot of pressure and no leaks.– Mario

“I was able to wash my dog so much easier … it was so amazing for both … me not having to use multiple cups of water and for the dog that he did not have to have glasses of water ran over his eyes, nose … his face.” – Stephanie

Final Thoughts

Now imagine it’s your day off, and you need to bath your dog.  Imagine you sign of relief when you can finally bathe your stinker in your bath tub and easily reach all of his/her hard to reach areas…Thank God.

Bathing your dog is a necessary evil in any pet owners life, but the reward of having a clean dog with a clean coat is priceless.  An attachable shower head like the one I have, just makes the whole chore of bathing your pet much less painful.  Do you really want your dog flopping around in stagnant water, especially if he/she is muddy?

As a bonus, they can be found on Amazon and will only run around $10.  Get directly here on Amazon.

Hope this helps someone bathing their dog!  Remember to be mindful of your pets sensitive skin when bathing, thoroughly dry him/her off and check out one more cute picture below>>

A cute little terrier breed dog taking a bubble bath with his paws up on the rim of the tub