How to Put up a Shower Curtain Rod…The Easy Way

Putting up a Shower Curtain And Rod is Easy and You Can Do It By Yourself

You need to put up a shower curtain and are not entirely sure how to go about it…well the good news is that its easy, and you can DIY.

First, Get Your Curtain Rod Set Up

Note:  If you want to know more about the curtain rod, shower curtains, and rings, and where to get them, check out my previous post about where to get what you need as well as additional info.

Shower Rod Installation - Fit to SizeFirst, measure how long the rod needs to be.  Curtain rods usually are quite a few inches longer than what you need so that you can adjust if needed.

Just use a hacksaw to cut it to length.  The rods are made out of aluminum and are super easy to cut through.

Next, drill one of the braces tot he wall.  I would recommend either measuring, or just holding up your curtain to your tub to see where you want it.  I didn’t measure when I put mine up, I just eyeballed where I wanted the curtain to go…

…See image below>>

Shower Rod Installation - Fasten Bracket

Shower Curtain Installation…Then, with your drill in hand, put one end of the rod in the brace you just drilled to the wall.  Now bring the other end up to the other side of the wall, with the other brace held in your hand on the other end and drill into the wall.

You should measure how far up the first brace is from the floor and mark the same distance on the other side with a pencil.

Second, Put On Your Shower Rings

This is pretty self explanatory, just put the shower rings on the rod…

Shower Curtain Rings Attach

…Phwew, that was tough…

Third, Put On the Curtain

You will probably put both a curtain, and a curtain liner on your shower rod.  The liner is just to keep water from gushing on to your floor, and the curtain is to look pretty.  Like so…

Shower Curtain and Liner

Your Done!

That’s it!  Next step is to go grab a beer and celebrate your new found water resistant shower.  For you are man, hear you roar!

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