How to Attach your Danco VersaSpray Hand Held Shower Head to the Tub Spigot

Attaching Your Danco Handheld Shower Head

Danco Hand Held Shower Head Attachment

Attaching your Danco handheld shower head to the bathtub spigot is simple and easy.  In all honesty, it’ll probably take you about 5 minutes.  So this will be a quick tutorial.

First, you need to figure out how to attach the nozzle to your spigot.  Every spigot is different, so you can either attach the nozzle the way that I have it (small spigot), or you will attach it the way in the image below (larger spigot).

Danco Hand Held Shower Head Alternative Angle

Once you’ve decided how to fit your nozzle, go ahead and put on the hose clamp.  If you’ve never used a hose clamp, it couldn’t be easier to install.  You literally just wrap it around your subject (the nozzle), and use a screwdriver or power drill to tighten it.  I used a drill to make it faster.

Note: Make sure that the hose clamp is within the grooves of the nozzle.  This will ensure a tight seal.

Finally, I recommend turning the faucet on and just hold the handle in the tub to see how it is working.  Ensure that there is no leaking around the spigot.  If there is, you need to tighten it more.

And that’s it!  You have a fully functioning shower head!  Your next step is to install a shower curtain(s) and your shower caddy to hang the shower head on.

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